Subtitles for Blood Machines


Compatible with the 3.98 GiB torrent that has the movie split into three files (chapters). I’m sure you can find it.

These subtitles are modified from those included in the torrent. Those are absolute shit, to no one’s surprise.

Unless you have an ultrawide display, I recommend a decent player that can put subtitles in the black bar below the video, such as mpv --sub-ass-force-margins.

I encourage you to support the creators. I did. Shudder might be available in your region. Bandcamp probably is. The Blu-ray could be out by the time you’re reading this.

Be sure to watch Turbo Killer before the movie.

A more movie-like viewing experience

Instructions below for creating a single movie file from the aforementioned torrent.

quality is the exact same (i.e. not re-encoded). Logos and end credits have been cut from the middle of the movie.
is crossfaded between chapters and re-encoded with qaac -v 160.
and the font are included, so you don’t need the ZIP file from above.
  1. Get this file and xdelta3.
  2. Concatenate the files from the torrent: cat Blood.Machines.*.mkv >> concatenation
  3. Apply the VCDIFF file: xdelta3 -d blood-machines.vcdiff
  4. Clean up: rm concatenation blood-machines.vcdiff

Those instructions are obviously for a Unix-like environment. Don’t ask me how to do it in Windows shells.