Piano sheet music for ponyphonic’s Autumn




Wrote half of the sheets in Autumn 2016, got bored or something. Finished in Autumn 2020 after I found the files on an old hard drive. I’ll probably get the lyrics added by 2024.

I am by no means good at music theory, so don’t except the keys, accidentals and stuff to be perfectly accurate. Feel free to send corrections.


This file was created with LilyPond 2.20.0. It uses the Bravura font for the ottava alta glyph, made available by including custom-music-fonts/smufl/definitions.ily from openLilyLib/snippets. The compilation command therefore needs to include openLilyLib in the search path like

lilypond -dno-point-and-click -I $PATH_TO_OPENLILYLIB autumn.ly


ponyphonic’s track is available on Bandcamp under CC BY-SA 3.0, and so I will make the LilyPond source code and outputs available under the same. Permission to use Red Hadron’s transcription was obtained in a YouTube comment.