Some ideas for your collaboration consideration

Only very limited information is given so you won’t steal ideas so potential judges can read this while keeping some semblance of anonymity in contest submissions. Hit me up via discord or elsewhere if you’re interested in collaborating.

  1. Music: rock, in English.
    Style: lots of vector-ish 2D vfx work (and possibly some simple 3D), anime clips heavily masked.
    References a movie, except the movie theme is replaced with something more Japanese.
    Color: green.
    1–3 source anime.
  2. Music: electronic weebshit, in English.
    Style: romance (kind of), fast and probably dangerous to epileptics. Possibly a lyric video.
    Color: pink.
    Single source anime.
  3. Music: instrumental electronic. Might include music video references.
    Style: dark, edgy, violent. Possibly not suitable for all-ages cons. Might want to try a cyberpunk-y look.
    Color: Originally imagined blood-red. Could be Neo-Tokyo-esque neon cyan & pink as well.
    Probably want to keep it to one source anime.
  4. Music: open to ideas; thinking upbeat fast electronic, possibly instrumental.
    Style: gameplay footage combined with anime.
    Color: possibly blue/cyan, possibly not eligible for theme.
    Single source anime.